Colour Wheels

I watched a class this morning by Yasmina Creates on Skillshare, called Watercolor Magic: The Basics of Color Mixing and Color Harmony. It was really great to pull out my favourite paints and inks for the ‘Just 3 Colors’ exercise and create tiny colour wheels that will fit in the pocket in the back of my pocket Moleskine watercolour book.

Top left is Prima Marketing’s Tropicals watercolour pan set (using 21, 22, and 23), top right is Winsor & Newton’s Cotman half pans (using Purple Lake, Lemon Yellow, and Ultramarine), bottom left is Daler Rowney Simply watercolour tubes (using Crimson, Lemon Yellow and Ultramarine) and bottom right is Winsor & Newton’s Ink (using Carmine, Canary Yellow and Cobalt).

I love the vibrancy of the Winsor and Newton Inks, but for practicalities sake, I will most likely stick to using my tins of half pans.

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