Lettering, Illustration… and a little (unexpected) lifestyle goodness. Who can resist, right? Keep scrolling to learn more.


Colour Wheels

I watched a class this morning by Yasmina Creates on Skillshare, called Watercolor Magic: The Basics of Color Mixing and Color Harmony. It was really great to pull out my favourite paints and inks for the ‘Just 3 Colors’ exercise and create tiny colour wheels that will fit in the pocket in the back of my pocket …


My lettering journey started on 30th August 2016, when I brought home my rose gold iPad Pro 9.7 and an Apple Pencil.

I had briefly flirted with hand lettering from 2015, having discovered several printable paper-based resources online. These PDFs soon became indespensible in my learning curve as – with a little digital magic – I managed to import the pages in to Procreate app for tracing, retracing, and repetitive drills.

I am currently a member of Random Olive’s tutor team, and I host a monthly lettering challenge on Instagram (whilst trying to resist all the other amazing challenges out there too!)


Inspired by several teachers on skillshare and amazing instagrammers, I have recently embarked on a daily illustration and watercolour practice.

In physical media, I am currently enjoying my Moleskins Pocket Watercolor book with Prima Marketing’s Tropicals watercolour pans. Digitally, I am enjoying experimenting with chalk pastel type illustration in Procreate app on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil.

One Little Word®

Each year I take a twelve month long workshop hosted by Ali Edwards called One Little Word®. My word for 2017 is Light and I am really looking forward to seeing where my word takes me!

My past words have been Focus (2014), Thrive (2015) and Evolve (2016.).

One Little Word® is a registered trademark of Ali Edwards Design, Inc.